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About Michelle: Gros titre
Sentier dans les bois

A little about Michelle Dumoulin CCC, RCT-C

Someone very close to me used to say: "We are unknowable." I used to find that depressing. It conjured images of islands, isolated, mysterious and strong. 

Eventually, I came to a different understanding. We are not islands, alone, disconnected and needing to be strong. Rather, we are forests. Rich, diverse and a little scary. We are strong because we are complex. We are resilient. It is impossible to know a forest completely. There is always a new season, an area left to be explored or saplings growing quietly in the shade of an old oak tree. Most of us will walk the paths without exploring deeper. Sometimes, we avoid a particularly creepy part of the forest because it's easier to pretend it doesn't exist. 

That is the lens through which I approach my practice. When I sit with someone in pain, I see a complex, resourceful and unknowable person. I let you guide me at first. I accompany you where you choose to go. And when you're ready, we will face together your wild, unknown facets. All people deserve to gaze at themselves in awe and spend time contemplating their own humanity. 

If you will allow me, I will do what I can to assist in your healing journey.

About Michelle: À propos de moi
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Canadian Certified Counsellor

Since May 2021

Member in good standing of the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association. Member number: 10004014

Registered Counselling Therapist- Candidate

Registered with the Nova Scotia College of Counselling Therapists

Since May 2022

M.Ed (Counselling)

Acadia University Graduate


As a mental health professional, I am bound to follow the Standards of Practice and a prescribed code of ethics by these two organizations. As such, if anyone has cause to feel I have behaved unethically or unjustly, they have access to a complaints process through the CCPA and NSCCT to ensure public safety.

About Michelle: Diplômes
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