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Below is a partial list of the type of presenting issue we can help with:

Child Psycholgist

Who can come see us?

Teens and Preteens
Family Therapy
Couples counselling
Thérapie en français disponible
We strive to be allies to marginalized communities

Assis au bord du lac

Presenting Issues

Depression and Anxiety
Stress and Burnout
ADHD Management
Sexuality and Sex Therapy
Career and Life Transitions
Suicide and Self-Harm
Trauma, Abuse, Grief and Loss
Family Issues

Thérapeute pour enfants

Therapeutic approaches

We use a blended model of Narrative, Solution-Focused and Attachement Focused Therapies among others. We are a sex-positive, feminist practice. The approach used will vary based on client needs and situation. We are guided by the patient. If a walk by the river is needed, then a walk it is!

Services: Services
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